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5 Refreshingly Cool Sweet Treats for Your Summer Event

Whew! Summer has certainly staked its claim through the last few weeks of scorching weather! To help your event guests beat the heat and cap off your celebration in memorable fashion, Capers Catering and our darling Olive & Twist Mobile Bar are here to meet those sweltering moments with an array of cool, refreshing, and unexpected sweet treats. Take a peek below at some of our most popular crowd favorites—but look fast! They tend to disappear almost as quickly as we serve them…

Frozen Cocktail Push Pops

1. Frozen Champagne Push Pops

Our innovative Frozen Champagne Push Pops are a perfect passed cocktail/dessert and look ultra-fabulous when served from Penny Lane’s bartop. We can shapeshift most cocktails into these frosty delights, so if you're dreaming of another variation on this idea, we'll happily bring it to life.

I Dropped My Gelato Cone - Upside Down Ice Cream Dessert - Wedding Dessert

2. I Dropped My Gelato Cone

These cooling, upside-down, chocolate-dipped cones flip the script on the typical presentation of our favorite locally sourced gelato, and, since they rest amid a pile of your choice of assorted toppings, assure that each bite is fully loaded.

Ice Cream Cannoli - Summer Wedding Desserts

3. Ice Cream Cannoli

When the mercury soars and you want a chilly Italian treat, we recommend our decadent, chocolate dipped, Ice Cream Cannoli—featuring whatever flavors your heart desires.

Icy Vanilla Milkshake Shooters with House-made "Oreo" - Event Desserts

4. Chilled Milkshake Shooters with House-Made “Oreos”

Adorable, creative, and icily refreshing all at once, our frequently requested Chilled Milkshake Shooters with House-Made “Oreos” will quench your thirst, cool you off, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mini Gelato Cones on Assorted Toppings - Summer Wedding Desserts

5. Mini Cones On Assorted Toppings

When you want to send guests off with a refreshing frozen treat that’s just the right size, our Mini Cones On Assorted Toppings—filled with handmade gelato or ice cream—are sure to hit the sweet spot.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of our vast menu of customizable summery sweets—we’d love the opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth at your next celebration.

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