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When to Book Your Wedding Caterer

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Let’s talk about FOOD!

When to Book Your Wedding Caterer

It’s that beautiful time of year when love is all around, and couples are getting engaged left and right. Though proposals happen every moment, Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day are particularly popular moments for questions to be popped, and wedding planning to begin! The question is…where to start?

Capers Catering’s Owner & Founder Emma Roberts shared a handful of her top tips for the recently engaged—some of which may surprise you…

Make Capers Your First Call

Though conventional wisdom recommends booking your wedding planner first, then your venue, and then your caterer, if you already know you’re interested in Capers, make us your first call, and we’ll be happy to refer you to exquisite planners, venues, or both!

After luxury catering across New England for 30 years and counting, you can be sure we’ll steer you toward an impeccable team to suit your unique style.

Start Your Caterer Search at Least 10-12 Months Out

Generally speaking, you want to begin your caterer search 10-12 months ahead of your wedding date, and sign your contract no later than 6-8 months before your big day...

Saturdays Book Up Fast

…that said, if you have your heart set on a Saturday wedding, reach out to Capers now—many Saturdays this year are already fully booked, and couples are reserving dates into next year!

Lock In Vendors You Love

If you find a vendor you click with, don’t wait—get a contract signed as soon as you can to secure the date.

The Smartest Menu Option Is…

Contrary to popular belief, at Capers, seated dinners and buffet are a tie for the most cost-effective menu option. Though a seated dinner requires more staff and tabletop rentals, a buffet dinner demands more food, so in the end, either of these menu choices will deliver your best value. The (surprise) most expensive menu option? Family style—by design, family-style catering demands more food, more staff, and more rentals (serving platters plus table settings). So if you’ve always dreamed of an elegant seated dinner at your wedding, go for it!

When to Book Your Wedding Caterer

If you’re recently engaged and considering Capers—reach out to us today!

We can’t wait to meet you and help you plan the wedding menu of your dreams…

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