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5 Creative Food Displays Guests Go Crazy For

As we kick off New England's 2022 event season at Capers, we wanted to share five crowd-favorite innovative food displays that leave guests talking long after a celebration…

1. Hanging Candied Bacon Display

There's just something about that salty-sweet perfection of our chef's candied bacon that drives folks wild. And when we dangle it from this clever clothesline display? Partygoers are drawn to it faster than you can say "mmmm, baco..."

2. Donut Wall

Though we display our specialty donuts in oh-so-many ways, our various tabletop and free-standing donut walls never fail to get guests talking while they make those donuts disappear.

3. Smokin' Cocktails

Signature cocktails designed especially for each event are a particular specialty of ours (and our beloved sister company, Olive & Twist Mobile Bar). The smoked effect of this tropical tiki cocktail was a show-stopper we can recreate for a variety of other custom mixed drinks. Warning: your guests may just parade around as they sip, for the sheer joy of watching a stream of smokin' innovation trail behind them.

4. Dangling Pizza Display

Guests tend to gravitate straight toward this instant conversation-starter as they select dangling slice after slice. This hanging display of pizza divinity doubles as an ice breaker that gets revelers mixing and mingling with new faces before they've realized what's happened.

5. Sip-Through-A-Warm-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Milkshake

...Need we say more? Our decadent milkshakes are sipped straight through the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that top them—and we make sure the straws perfectly match your event. Irresistible desserts that are pure comfort and joy in a glass.

Whether you choose one of the above innovative food displays or select another from our endless menu of creative delectability, Capers is ready to deliver a culinary experience you and your guests will never forget.

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