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Penny Lane: The Vintage Star of Olive & Twist Mobile Bar

It’s no secret that we’re deeply infatuated with Penny Lane, the free-spirited star of our Olive & Twist Mobile Bar. A lovingly restored 1973 Westfalia, this vintage darling has been stealing the hearts of our clients since her 2019 debut. Her popularity has soared so much, in fact, she is currently only accepting reservations for events catered by Capers.

In honor of Olive & Twist’s 3-year anniversary, we wanted to give Penny the spotlight she so adores, and share a handful of her favorite destinations, activities, and attire. Whether you know and love Olive & Twist already, or are just getting acquainted, we hope you’ll enjoy this stroll alongside Penny Lane...

Favorite Destinations

Olive & Twist’s Penny Lane is driven by wanderlust and will delightedly jaunt just about anywhere you wish. Whether nestled within a summer garden, posing against autumn’s breathtaking colors, taking in the sights of the city, soaking up the lakeside sun, or posing beside a reflecting pool, Penny Lane is simply luminous wherever she goes. (Just don’t ask her to tread near the sand. She’s sensitive to scratches.)

A Natural Hostess

Though Penny is famous for stylishly serving signature cocktails, mocktails, wine, and craft beer on tap, she loves to think outside the box in terms of what will most entertain your guests.

A night owl known for dancing the night away, she’s only too happy to serve late-night snacks, frozen treats, or grab-and-go favors to your partygoers.

Looking for a classy self-serve beverage station to blend in seamlessly with an understated daytime crowd? She’ll be there with impeccable presentation.

Our menu is vast, Penny is always game for a fun new idea, and so, the possibilities are endless…

A Fashionista

We’ll be the first to tell you Penny is gorgeous just as she is. But she also loves to dress up, and is only too happy to wear a custom mobile bar wrap, florals, garlands, jewels, furs, or anything else you can imagine.

A Queen of Communication

Penny realizes the great responsibility inherent in her role as the life of any party. Not wanting to completely steal the spotlight, she’s always delighted to don a customized message announcing your celebration on her chalkboard.

Olive & Twist’s dance card fills fast, so if you’re considering asking her to join your soiree, we encourage you to let us know sooner than later.

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