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Luxury Catering Service That Exceeds Your Expectations

Creating your fully customized, spectacular food experience is the heart of what we do at Capers Catering and Olive & Twist Mobile Bar. Center-stage in that experience is the food and drink itself—sublime, unexpected flavor combinations; elegant or outside-the-box presentation; impeccable menu, cocktail, and mocktail pairings… Those are the facets most likely to leave your guests talking for weeks, months, and even years to come. But the behind-the-scenes orchestration allowing your ultimate food and drink experience to bask in the spotlight—our exquisite, world-class service—is what you will most likely remember as our client, event producer, partner, or event host.

When you choose to work with Capers Catering and Olive & Twist Mobile Bar, you are forging a true partnership, choosing a precision team fiercely dedicated to ensuring you shine like a diamond, and ensuring that come event day, you don’t have to think about food, drink, or its service—except to enjoy it.


Below are the top reasons why we know you will love choosing us for flawless catering and mobile bar service. We can’t wait to work with you.  

1. We are your true partners, in every sense.

We are here to make you look GREAT—whether you’re the event host, event producer, or venue. As your partners, you can rest assured that we will be:

  • Reliable From the moment we meet until your last guest goes home, our team is forward-thinking for a smooth-as-silk experience, ensuring all guests are watered and fed expediently, and meticulously tending to every detail to exceed your expectations.

  • Communicative We listen carefully to your tastes and what you envision, and communicate clearly with all parties from moment one.

  • Proactive At each step of the planning process, and onsite during event day itself, we’ll check in to be sure we’re addressing your every wish and need.

  • Responsive If somehow we do miss something, or we can make the overall experience better for you in any way, just say the word, and we’ll jump into action. 

2. We are a dedicated, polished, precision team. And as such, we are:

  • Fast Hundreds to feed at an elegant plated gala? Thousands to serve with passed hors d’oeuvres and stations? With 30+ years of luxury events under our belt, we’ve got you. (And we’re always happy to serve a select few at an intimate dinner party, too. Whatever you need, we’re here for it.)

  • Discreet Speedy though we may be to feed your sea of hungry guests, you’ll hardly notice our team, as we are adept at fading into the background. (But if you need us, you’ll readily find that we are actually everywhere).

  • Dedicated We are proud to have built a passionate, dedicated, hard-working, experienced team—who we treat with utmost respect, integrity, and care—which is why our lead team members have been with us for decades.

  • Welcoming From our first communication and throughout the planning process, you will see and feel our genuine delight to meet you, excitement to hear from you, and eagerness to make your or your client's foodie dreams come true. 

3. We are world-class, innovative, and one-of-a-kind.   With Capers and Olive & Twist Mobile Bar, you have a food experience prepared and served by a team that is:

  • Globally Trained, Nationally Recognized From presentation to flavor, our fare is world-class. With artistic food creations and meticulous drink pairings led by key team members trained by some of the world’s most legendary, Michelin-star-earning chefs—your guests are assured an unforgettable dining event. 

  • Innovative & Up for Anything Wishing for immersive and performative food experiences at your event? Perhaps from-scratch pasta served from a parmesan wheel, chilled appetizers atop a cloud of dry ice, live raclette stations, or a unique and inventive experience that uniquely aligns with your celebration… Maybe you want your servers to dress according to your theme, or you’re imagining an event concept so immersive that the serving stations disappear into your decor or stand out as the perfect accompaniment… We are here for any and all of the above, and are more than ready to tackle any creative challenge you set before us.

  • Ready to Create Your Fully Customized Experience Sparked by close collaboration with you, our final presentation considers your color palette, venue, serveware, favorite foods, and creative direction—drawing authentic ethnic or classic dishes into the mix as you wish. The result: a visually stunning, one-of-a-kind menu of flavor fusions, impeccably served by our symbiotic team—passionate about perfecting every detail for you.

Whether you’re hosting a plated dinner for 300+ or an intimate gathering, expect swift yet elegant fine dining service, inventive presentation, forward-thinking attention to detail from our first conversation through when your last guest departs, and at every step, nimble action from our dedicated team for whatever you may need.


Exceeding your expectations while serving the ultimate food and drink experience is what we live for.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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