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In Our Element(s): The Return of the Party, Hosted by PartySlate

Once upon a time, medieval and classical philosophers believed our world was composed of four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. It was only fitting, then, that when PartySlate recently tapped a cadre of greater Boston vendors to celebrate the event industry’s return of the party (for the event industry) following two years of pandemic-induced tumult, the theme centered on those four famous elements. After all, the event industry is a small world; a family, and the reunification of so many of us, across different specialties, truly represented a conglomeration of the magnificent skills, team, and, well, elements, required to make any event not just complete…but magical.

We were honored when PartySlate asked if Capers Catering would sponsor the food and drink at their return-of-the-fête—with the welcome challenge of creating a menu of items representing the four elements. Capers rose to that challenge and took it a step further, devising customized elemental-themed dishes never before created in our 30-year history.

Below, a glimpse at that menu, followed by a roster of the phenomenally talented event partners who came together at Boston’s 9OFS to unite all our unique elements, for an evening the invited guests—event producers and fellow event vendors; our extended family—will never forget.

Passed Hors D'oeuvres

  • Trio of Test Tube Soups: Sparkling Watermelon Gazpacho, Thai-Basil Supergreen (EARTH), Fire-Roasted Tomato (FIRE, WATER)

  • Speck (FIRE) and Melon (EARTH) Skewers

  • Pink Peppercorn Meringue with Wild Mushrooms (EARTH), Dashi and Tobiko Caviar (WATER)

  • Asian Steak Frites with Miso Aioli, served on a 5-foot-long, fiery red board (FIRE)

Raw Station

  • Tuna Sashimi (WATER) Seared on Hot Salt Blocks (FIRE) with Ponzu, Chili Oil, Avocado Butter (EARTH)

  • Salmon Poke (WATER) with Pineapple & Fresno Chilis (FIRE), Summer Vegetable Ceviche Salad (EARTH) – Served in Votives Seated in Dry Ice (AIR)

Stationary Hors D’oeuvres

Colorful Crudites – Served in Glass Vases atop Edible Crumbled Marble Rye “Dirt” (EARTH) Dips: Carrot Ginger, Poblano Feta, Beetroot Hummus, Herb White Bean, Green Goddess, Zaatar-Spiced Aioli, Black Bean Hummus, Jalapeño Pepper (EARTH)

Brazilian Rodizio Carving Station Brazilian Beans, Rice (EARTH) With Choice of: Pincanha, Chicken Wrapped in House-made Bacon, or Smoked Chicken Sausage (FIRE) Sauces: Chimichurri, Pico de Gallo (EARTH)

Roving Small Plates on Hawker Trays

  • Thai-Spiced Lobster Rolls (WATER) with House-made Taro Chips (EARTH)

  • Vegetable Tagine over Moroccan Couscous, served in copper pans (EARTH)

  • Buttermilk Chicken Bao, Duckfat Milk Gravy, Avocado Butter – Served in Compostable Bao Holders (EARTH)

Passed Desserts on Hawker Trays Frozen S'mores (FIRE), Mini "Dove Bars," Two-Tone Mango-Coconut Panna Cotta Pops (WATER, EARTH)

Passed Dessert/Cocktails

  • Margarita Push Pops (WATER) with Basil-Sugar Rim (EARTH)

  • Passed Assorted Boozy Freeze Pops (WATER)

Signature Cocktails

  • Smoky Pineapple Margarita: (WATER, FIRE, EARTH) Mezcal, Tequila, Pineapple, Chilies, Lime, Dehydrated Pineapple Garnish

  • Cloudy Skies Cocktail: (WATER, AIR) White Rum, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Le Petite Pouf Cotton Candy

  • Le Soleil Cocktail: (WATER, AIR, EARTH) Tangerine Syrup, Triple Sec, Gin, Tangerine Juice, Sparkling Wine, Dehydrated Tangerine Half Wheel

  • Wild Berry-Thai Basil Lemonade (WATER, EARTH)


  • Craft Beer

  • Red Wine, White Wine

  • Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey

  • Mixers

  • Soft Drinks

  • Water

  • Rosé and Prosecco on Tap (AIR)

Host: PartySlate

Event Planner: Sara Kovel Events

Décor, Design, Floral: David DiCicco Design

Catering: Capers Catering

Entertainment: Élan Artists

Cotton Candy Cart: Le Petit Pouf

Furniture/Lounge Rentals: PEAK Event Services

Photography: Gabrielle Wilde Photography Videography: SH Videography Invitations & Signage: Fête Collection

Custom Napkins: MY DRAP

Lighting: DesignLight

Makeup: Muse by Rue

Dancefloor Wrap: SHOUT!

Hotel Partner & After Party: The Langham Boston

Thank you again to PartySlate, for inviting us to join this illustrious team, and to each and every vendor for lending their magic. We’re so grateful to be part of this extended family of Greater Boston event artisans.

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