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It’s Time to Plan Your Holiday Party!

Add extra sparkle to your year-end celebration with these 10 tips.

And just like that…‘tis the season for holiday party planning! Whether you’re dreaming of a festive, intimate dinner gathering with friends, or considering a year-end gala to thank clients and celebrate another successful year for your organization or business, we are currently accepting bookings throughout the holiday season. We’ll recommend a list of excellent event planners to take your soiree to the next level if your budget allows, or if you’re party-planning yourself, we’ll guide you through a few key details to enhance your celebration.

To help you kickstart your holiday party plans as you consider the direction of your fête, we’ve curated a handful of our favorite ways to give your year-end celebration that extra sparkle…


  • Start your party with festive seasonal passed hors d’oeuvres before segueing into stations. To offer guests a variety of choices while ensuring mixing and mingling, choose at least three food stations and a dessert bar.

  • Consider splurging on a raw bar or sushi rolled to order. Both are always a big hit!

  • While a beer and wine bar is perennially popular, and you’re sure to have something for everyone with a full bar, selecting one or two holiday signature cocktails and/or mocktails for your menu will truly add an extra splash of merriment and give guests something to talk about during and after your festivities.


  • Pro tip: you don’t need seats for everyone—select a variety of high and low cocktail tables and watch partygoers mix and mingle.


  • Music is essential to a spirited party vibe—whether you choose festal background music or a DJ to get folks dancing.

  • Help guests further connect with a fun, interactive entertainment element like a casino. (For a glimpse inside a casino-themed holiday party we catered last year, click here.)


  • For a simple yet unified theme, choose a signature color or two for your event, feature them in basic décor elements, and we’ll ensure to present those pops of color in your food stations.

  • Plan ahead and incorporate subtle thematic or company branding to various features of your event. Order custom-printed napkins in your event colors with your company logo, playful text, or a simple icon that ties into your theme. Add the same branding and colors to a printed or online invitation. The possibilities are endless…

  • Consider where else you could feature your logo or thematic icon. If you opt for the casino, for example, print your branding on your chips for a fun memento and a perfect way to mark your golf ball on the course.


  • Send guests home happy with a thoughtful party favor—a winter hat in your event colors, branded with your logo, or individual packages of Capers’ ever-popular brownie pops, to name just two options.

We hope these ideas, amassed over 30+ years of event catering, have gotten you in the spirit of holiday party planning. Whichever creative touches you’re thinking of adding, your most pressing task is to call Capers—our holiday calendar will be filled before we know it, and we can’t wait to help you celebrate the holidays in delicious fashion!

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