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Four Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes That Just Might Convert You

It’s no secret that veganism and plant-based eating are on the rise. At Capers Catering, we’re loving this veggie-fueled trend, and are excited to continuously rise to the challenge of creating new, inventive, colorful, vegan and vegetarian dishes packed with flavor. We’re flattered that more and more clients tell us they chose Capers because of our reputation for exciting plant-based fare and our vast vegan and vegetarian menu options. Today, we’re sharing a handful of those crowd favorites—including one veggie entrée so powerful, a bride with her heart previously set on beef tenderloin switched to it the moment she tasted it. Now that’s what we call superfood!

1. Fusion Caponata with Grilled Tofu & Spiced Pine Nuts

This tofu-topped ratatouille balances a pop of heat from fresh ginger and house-made mild chili oil with the savory profile of Japanese soy sauce. Delicious and gorgeous all at once.

2. Warm Confit Garlic Hummus with Grilled Local Wild Mushrooms, Wilted Arugula, Shaved Pickled Radish, Lemon, Chili Threads & Fenugreek Crisp

We’ll admit—folks are often unsure what to expect when they read these ingredients. But once they taste them? Raves all around from vegetarian and vegan diners, dazzled by the diverse flavor profile of this vibrant dish.

3. Delicata Squash with Tri-Colored Quinoa, Moroccan-Spiced Baby Vegetables & Smoked Pepper Coulis

Not only super-tasty, this stuffed delicate squash is a complete protein packed with seven essential amino acids. It tastes like a splurge, yet treats your body to top-shelf nutrition.

4. Kung Pao Eggplant Tostada with Avocado Butter Lime Chutney, Cotija & Togarashi Peanuts

And finally, the dish we will never stop talking about in our kitchen—the aforementioned entrée that flipped a beef tenderloin devotee. You might not guess it to look at it, but one taste of the depth of flavor offered by this dish spiced with togorashi (a blend of seven peppers, orange zest, and sesame), and chances are, you’ll be hooked too.

We’d love the chance to flip you from carnivore to herbivore, or to at least wow you with out-of-this-world flavor—reach out to let Capers cater your next event.

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