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A BTS Peek Inside Chef Kevin's Catering Kitchen

Whew! This event season has been so deliciously fast and furious, we haven’t had a moment to cull the latest photos from our food photographers!

Luckily, our incomparable Executive Chef Kevin Marsland has been capturing video footage of his team's latest creations—scroll down for a peek behind-the-scenes from his POV. No fancy lighting, no pro photo crew—just our chef’s choice of spectacular, freshly made, customized fare. We dare you not to get hungry...

Back-to-Back Wedding Tastings

Double the tastings, double the fun. Cheers!

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi...But Make it PURPLE Okinawan Sweet Potatoes are sweeter than the conventional orange variety, and as they are only grown in Hawaii, Taiwan, and Japanare truly a superfood delicacy. Watch Chef Kevin and his team as they transform these dark purple powerhouses into out-of-this-world gnocchi...

Fundraiser Gala

An around-the-world dining experience, served on eco-friendly, disposable dishes...

Tapas For Days There was something for everyone on this gorgeous tapas event menu!

One Week in Event Catering An array of food creations from just one week in the Capers kitchen...

Thank you, Chef Kevin, for sharing your personal BTS video journey inside the Capers kitchen! For ever-more perfectly plated, expertly poured, and fresh-from-the-skillet fare, be sure to follow Capers Catering, Olive & Twist Mobile Bar, and Chef Kevin Marsland on Instagram!

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